Customer: City of Vienna, MA 53 – Press and Information Services

Mastering the challenge of developing an Open-Source solution for the public administration, members of Proclos sucessfully accomplished the Content-Pool project.
Internally nicknamed Fluxomat (in allegory to the Flux-Generator’s deus ex machina ability to enable the impossible), it features a web-based software for fetching, persisting, filtering, editing, syndicating and remixing RSS- and Atom-Feeds in various formats including Media RSS containing multimedia data.
The aim is to support a team of professional editors to benefit from distributed content production, while being able

  • to use a standardized central metadata repository for content tagging
  • to quarantine, overlay and re-style the content within a single application.
  • to create own topic specific meta-feeds based on relevant content
  • to (re-)present those meta-feeds in the context of related new articles

Content-Pool is built upon enterprise java technology, runs within apache tomcat and integrates into existing security infrastructure supporting Gondor / Portalverbund interfaces.

Contact: David Ayers