Customer: Verein Dialog

Being the leading ambulant addiction aid agency of Austria, Verein Dialog poses sophisticated demands on its business infrastructure integrating multiple operational sites into a single efficient organisation. Members of Proclos are proud to have taken a lead part in the design and implementation of DEBI – the Dialog Enterprise Business Infrastructure. As its core feature DEBI provides a virtualized (VMWare ESX) terminal server farm, hosting multiple MS Windows and Ubuntu server systems, which are accessed throughout the entire organization via more than 100 thin clients and mobile road warrior installations.

Members of Proclos focussed on the setup or improvement of the following services:

  • Award winning opensmc installation (dialog:easy) for all client treatment and documentation processes.
  • Clustered Postgresql 9.1 Server as backend for dialog:easy.
  • Postfix Mail Server complete with spam detection and virus filter.
  • Developement and Test Server environments forĀ  further in-house developement of dialog:easy

As Verein Dialog operates on sensitive medical data sets, security is of extremly high concern. We met this concern by deploying pfSense firewalls on Soekris embedded boards with crypto card hardware to support IPSec tunnels for all site-to-site and roadwarrior-to-site connections. As a special feature we also managed to implement a tunnel-in-tunnel setup for distributed e-card readers to a single gina-box instance helping to minimize fees and connection costs.

Contact: Harald Gantioler