Mastering the long and winding road in developing Open-Source software solutions for the social-medical healthcare sector was finally crowned with sweet success.
A Proclos team and its cooperation partner Verein Dialog, the leading ambulant addiction aid agency of Austria, were awarded with the T-Systems Innovation Award Vienna for the project openSMC.

The jury did espescially honor the fact that openSMC:

  • enables a smooth and transparent information flow among specialized groups of cooperating professionals.
  • reduces administrative overhead while complying to intensive documentation and evaluation needs.
  • consequently directs more time towards effective client care and client support processes.

Beside common CRM-features adapted for medical needs, special features of openSMC include support for:

  • multiprofessionial and multidimensional diagnostics.
  • arbitrary information views, alerting and notificating.
  • prescription of narcotics conforming to legal standards.
  • changing data acquisition needs by an integrated survey engine.
  • highly flexible data export / import by integration of Colibri

Special thanx to ZIT, who co-funded the project as part of the ZIT08 Plus innovation program. Source code is available here.

Contact: Martin Kulnigg