Customer: OMB-Automation, Germany

Deploying Open-Source Software Solutions into the highly proprietary area of automation systems was the challenge of the projects Steffi and Janus.

In this process members of Proclos mastered the cross-platform integration of numerous heterogenios technologies from the network infrastructure to the business intelligence layer and finally successfully contributed:

  • a Zope3 based web-application as monitoring front end for a solar crystal manufacturing chain, which evaluates and visualizes data from the automation process stored in a relational backend and provides both an ad hoc SQL-based analysis tool as well as an interface for exporting the data to a Palo-OLAP system for further multidimensional analysis.
  • a Centos based virtualization environment for rapid deployment and rollout of the entire automation system providing a Postgresql cluster based on DRBD, Corosync and Pacemaker as relational backend. The setup is completed with a virtualized pfSense firewall providing IP-range independence for the cluster and full remote desktop access to all virtual machines using the rdp protocol.

Special thanx to Jeremias Keihsler (OMB) for being both an excellent co-developer and customer in this project.

Contact: Peter F├╝reder