A new release of the Palo OpenOffice Calc Plugin has been published this week on Sourceforge.
It fusions the advanced possibilities of OLAP technology with the approven approaches of modern spreadsheet applications making instantly available an enormous amount of server side data for spreadsheet analysis.

While the project has been dormant for quite a while, the need for a Open Source OLAP client inspired proclos developers to:

  • Supporting new Palo 5.0 server while beeing backwards compatible to Palo 3.2 CE.
  • Drastically increasing performance allowing the smooth browsing of many thousand spreadsheet cells.
  • Fixing many bugs and increasing usability.

In contrast to the (now clsoed source) Excel plugin available from Jedox, the Palo OpenOffice Calc Plugin runs on any platform having available current OpenOffice or LibreOffice builds – including Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

Beside efficient spreadsheet browsing it offers a modeller including palo rule support and the possibility to connect to a range of XMLA-capable OLAP servers using the olap4j library.

Of course it does still lack some of the fancy advanded features of the premium Excel Client, but provided the ongoing support of developers and companies (offering contributions and donations) we are positive that this project can be exemplary for the diversification of the eco system around the technology from Jedox as proclaimed by Jedox.

Technically the plugin is based on version 2.0.3 provided by Tensegrity (last open source version), but developement is based upon a cooperation of the original group of developers from TU Chemnitz and proclos.

Nightly snapshots containing also the most actual source code can be obtained here.

Thanx to all individuals, organizations and companies, who contributed to this great project!

Contact: Christian Schwarzinger