Customer: Jedox AG, Germany

“Be realistic, demand the impossible!” was the motto of the year 2006, when members of Proclos started to work on an web-based ETL tool geared towards transformation of all kinds of flat data sources into multidimensional data cubes for later OLAP-analysis.

Contacting Jedox AG, the manufacturer of Palo-OLAP-Server, was the starting point of a great success story, as our tool rapidly evolved into the product Palo-ETL-Server with many thousands installations world-wide and a large community of satisfied end-users in the BI departments of numerous companies.

While still being activly involved in Palo-ETL-Server developement for Jedox to make it the best ETL product on the market, some of our own projects eventually posed the need for an embedded ETL tool with needs transgressing the existing product-centric strategy towards a more tool-centric strategy. So we decided to give birth to project Colibri.

Colibri is based on the Palo-ETL-Server 3.2 release and is intended for developers to implement their own components and extensions preferably for embedded use within other J2EE applications. As starting point Colibri features the following extensions:

  • Integration into hibernate domain models with the ability to extract, transform and load entire domain objects, which makes it ideal for domain model import, export and consolidation (e.g in opensmc).
  • Integration of a syslog server, which accepts log data from all syslog compatible clients and loads them online into cubes, which makes it a cool solution for e.g. real time multidimensional network analyis.
  • Support for reliable messaging protocols and enterprise integration patterns via integration of ActiveMQ, which allows for a distributed network of data sources such as encountered in cloud stack environments.
  • Improvements on web service extracts, which allow usage as generic connector for all kinds of sophisticated web services such as the eBay-API.

Colibri sources are available here.  All dependencies are fetched from the Proclos Nexus repository by Maven.

Palo-Olap-Server and Palo-ETL-Server are trademarks of Jedox AG.

Contact: Christian Schwarzinger