Colibri Open-BI Appliance v16 is released!

BI 4 Everyone is the motto of this project. Colibri Open-Bi Appliance provides an out of the (virtual) box solution for your easy start into the world of Business Intelligence.

Colibri is based open source versions of Jedox OLAP Server and Jedox ETL Server and provides a web-based ETL interface as well as a reworked plugin for Libre/Open Office for convenient interaction with these services.

Colibri v16 contains feature and performance enhancements as well as fixes for stability and security. It is optimized to run on Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS.

A rich set of sample data sets aims to leverage your learning curve and to enable you to rapidly build your own BI projects.

Colibri Open-BI Suite is intended as a good starting point to BI for a broad audiance with a focus on science and finance. It aims to succeed the last version of Palo-BI-Suite (OS), which has been discontinued by Jedox. Jedox-Olap-Server and Jedox-ETL-Server are trademarks of Jedox AG.

Download Colibri Open-Bi Appliance here.

License: GPL2

Slides Linuxwochen Vienna: Linuxwochen14

Contact: Christian Schwarzinger