From a customer‘s perspective an open solution is a solution, which takes the present needs for serious and supports the future developement of his / her organisation and goals.

From a management perspective open solutions reflect an open mind, which is willing to transgess the conventional towards the innovative.

From a design perspective open solutions are flexible, extensible and scalable. They support the adoption of new aspects and allow for continous evolvement.

From an enginering perspective open solutions are based on interoperability, portablity and open standards. They are preferedly implemented by open source software and made available via free software and documentation licenses.

We focus on open solutions on an integrated and interdisciplinary perspective.

Thus for us open solutions are sustainable solutions and incorporate all these aspects and more. They are focussing on human needs rather than on technocentric aspects.  They are fit for the evolution of the living rather than dead by creation. They are created to help others to get creative.