Each member of proclos is prooven to be excellent in his / her field of expertise. However the ability of a single member to solve complex problems alone is naturally limited. In practice rather distinct skills and technologies have to be applied in a combined approach to deliver high quality open solutions.

So whenever complex problems require such sophisticated solutions, our members join their experience, knowledge and strenght into a collaboration.

For us, collaboration is a contigous learning process based on our already rich experience. Collaboration allows us to concentrate on those issues, where we are best. So we are able to be efficient and productive throughout the whole process of delivering solutions to our customers. This significantly reduces overhead and allows us to focus our customers’ money fully on our customers’ needs.

To govern the process of collaboration, we have developed a set of light-weight and efficient tools and strategies, which are steadily refined in the evaluation of each project.

However as useful as these are, we believe that the essence of successful collaboration truly lies in the mutual trust shared between our members, which is based on honesty, fairness, solidarity and respect. This also applies to relations to our customers.

In this sense, we feel collaboration as consequence of our human nature and our desire to live in peace with our environment focussing on our shared creativity and on the delight beeing creative gives us.